Your experiences

  • I came specifically to book a study table, a great extra service the museum offers. I had 3 2-hour sessions studying Regency-era dress and I was not disappointed.

    Visitor from USA - TripAdvisor, 2014-01

  • Loved everything about this museum. Present exhibition is that of Georgian clothes, but I also liked the display of the changing fashions throughout the 19th century. The audio tour is very good, not too long on each item. Very good value for money and easy to walk to. Will revisit.

    Visitor from UK - TripAdvisor, 2014-09

  • I have loved this museum since I was a little girl. I used to visit most weekends! The displays are fascinating and change frequently, there is an opportunity to dress up (not just for children, for adults too), and the staff are excellent. I can't recommend this place enough.

    Visitor from Cardiff - TripAdvisor, 2014-03