Dress of the Year 2021 | The Fashion Museum

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Dress of the Year 2021

Every year, we invite a top name from the fashion industry to select an outfit that encapsulates the prevailing mood of fashion, represents the past year and captures the imagination, and we’re thrilled to announce that our Dress of the Year 2021 will be chosen by Dazed Magazine’s Ibrahim Kamara and Gareth Wrighton.

13 January 2022

Known for his radically innovative work, Ibrahim Kamara has been described as one of the most exciting creative voices of a generation. Striking the perfect balance between curated looks and bold artistic design, Kamara elevates his styling into art. Gareth Wrighton is an Art Director, Fashion Designer and Video Game Designer, best known for making one-off handmade garments inspired by virtuality in the fashion industry, and launched his eponymous knitwear brand in 2019.

Kamara and Wrighton will be the first ever duo to select the Dress of the Year and already have a unique perspective of this special collection of outfits at the Fashion Museum after being selected themselves in 2020 for their Dress of Hope. It’s been an monumental year for the pair since their Dress of the Year 2020 honour with Kamara appointed Editor-in-Chief of Dazed Magazine and Wrighton appointed Art Director. Kamara was also recently honoured at the 2021 British Fashion Awards winning the Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator in recognition of his contribution to the fashion landscape and commitment to challenging stereotypes and the status quo.

Ibrahim Kamara says: “I am very happy to be part of the Fashion Museum’s Dress of the Year and I am thrilled to be working on this with Gareth. It’s such a lovely idea for us to continue our collaboration with the Fashion Museum following our special contribution to Iain R Webb’s selection in 2020.”

Gareth Wrighton says: “We’re touched to be the first duo to choose a Dress of the Year at Fashion Museum, Bath. It’s a unique year as it’s still very much in the shadows of 2020 and yet there is such a forward facing optimism like never before. We hope our selection can capture that spirit.”

We can’t wait to see what Ibrahim and Gareth choose as their Dress of the Year 2021 and look forward to sharing their selection with you very soon!