Knitting | The Fashion Museum

Subject to Government guidance, the Fashion Museum will reopen on Tuesday 18 May 2021.


Cross stitch
Cross stitch is used to fill in areas with colour on material. Have a go at your own.

Back stitch
Back stitch makes a solid line of strong stitching. It is often used for outlining shapes in embroidery which are then filled in with cross stitch. Have a go at your own.

Running stitch
Learn how to make a running stitch to create your own heart cushion.

Knitting Nancy
A Knitting Nancy is a way of knitting into cords. It is also known as French Knitting. Make a Knitting Nancy out of things you may have at home!

Finger knitting
Try knitting with your fingers - you don’t even need needles! Finger knitting in a pattern is a single stitch and the result is very similar to single chain crochet. Download the instructions and have a go.

finger knitting.gif