Knitting | The Fashion Museum


Cross stitch
Cross stitch is used to fill in areas with colour on material. Have a go at your own.

Back stitch
Back stitch makes a solid line of strong stitching. It is often used for outlining shapes in embroidery which are then filled in with cross stitch. Have a go at your own.

Running stitch
Learn how to make a running stitch to create your own heart cushion.

Knitting Nancy
A Knitting Nancy is a way of knitting into cords. It is also known as French Knitting. Make a Knitting Nancy out of things you may have at home!

Finger knitting
Try knitting with your fingers - you don’t even need needles! Finger knitting in a pattern is a single stitch and the result is very similar to single chain crochet. Download the instructions and have a go.

finger knitting.gif