Facilities - Pushchairs, Toilets, Luggage | The Fashion Museum

The Fashion Museum is closed until March 2021. Keep following us for updates and we look forward to welcoming you back soon. Please read here for further information.

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Inside the Fashion Museum


Child carriers and baby changing facilities are available. A lift enables wheelchairs and pushchairs to access lower levels.


Pushchairs and prams are permitted in the Fashion Museum. However, you may find it easier to use one of our courtesy child carriers for babies and toddlers as there are stairs down to the museum galleries. 


The café and gift shop are on the ground floor of the Assembly Rooms.


There are ladies and gentlemen’s toilets and a cloakroom area on the lower ground floor. There is a baby changing room for the use of both men and women. 

Coats and luggage

There is an unsupervised rail for coats. However, only backpacks up to a maximum of 30 litres are permitted to be brought into the Fashion Museum and Assembly Rooms. Luggage, including large rucksacks and pull along cases are not permitted on site but there are a number of storage facilities available across the city. The closest place to the Fashion Museum and Assembly Rooms for luggage storage is Bath Backpackers Hostel, close to the rail and bus stations.

Lost property

If you think that you have lost an item of your property while visiting us, please contact our Lost Property Office 

Please include the following details:

  • detailed description of the item you have lost
  • full details of when you visited and where you might have lost it.
  • the name of the organisation that you were travelling with, if any.
  • your name, and an e-mail and telephone number where we can contact you.
  • an address to which we can post the item.

We will ask you questions about the item of property to make sure that you are the rightful owner.
If postal charges are significant, we will ask you to contribute to them.
It is our policy to keep lost property for a minimum of six weeks and to offer unclaimed items to charity.