Art Club | The Fashion Museum

Art Club

Watch our Art Club videos and get creative.

Stockings and Boots
Cut out and decorate your own boot.

Georgian Peg Doll
Learn how to make your own peg doll.

Paper Petticoat
Create your own 1950s inspired paper petticoat.

Paper Feathers
Have a go at making your own feathers using scraps of paper!

Galliano Gloves
Use newspapers and magazines to make your own glove design.

Dress Clips
Make a dress clip from recycled materials.

Paper Bows
Create your own decorative paper bow inspired by a ballgown in the Fashion Museum collection.

Folded heart bag
Create a heart-shaped bag to match items in the Fashion Museum collection!

Pop-up parasol
Create your own miniature pop-up parasol.

Decorative Tassels
Create your own tassels using different coloured threads.

Salt Dough Shoes
Inspired by our Shoephoria exhibition, make your own shoes using salt dough.

Creative Shoelaces
We have some amazing shoes in our new Shoephoria! exhibition. Have a go at some creative shoelace tying!