Activities | The Fashion Museum


Have a go at creating your own lace design.

T Shirt refashion
Rosie decided to refashion one of her outgrown T Shirts. Find out how she did it and have a go at creating your own design!

Straw weaving - Make a chunky bangle
Learn how to weave and use wool and straws to make a bangle. 

Brilliant buttons
You may find that you have a collection of loose buttons that you could use to create something new!

Colourful silhouettes
The Victorians liked using silhouettes in their artwork. Let’s make some!

At the Fashion Museum we have items from many famous fashion designers. See if you can find them in this wordsearch.

Origami shirt
We can’t all start sewing straightaway but we can start making clothes! Have a go at some origami.

Lucy Locket and Pockets
A "pocket" was a pouch worn around the waist by women in the 17th to 19th centuries. Use your own sewing skills to create a purse or try creating your own woven card basket.

Bath Time Travellers
Try out our Georgian and Victorian challenge or modern challenge!